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All College of Engineering Academic Forms can be located below. Please also review Virginia Tech's Dates and Deadlines that correspond to many of these forms.

Academic Relief
Students facing extenuating circumstances that compromise their ability to fulfill academic responsibilities, such as attending classes or completing coursework, for an extended period within a semester, may seek academic relief.

Academic Suspension Appeal
Students placed on academic suspension may submit a suspension appeal. Details on academic suspension can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog (select the most recent year, Academic Policies, Academic Eligibility).
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Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere
Students may request authorization (pre-approval) to take courses at another institution and earn VT transfer credit. 
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Change of Major
Students can apply three times per year to declare an engineering major: end of spring, end of summer, end of fall.
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Course Withdrawal Request
Course Withdrawal (“W” grade) is available after the last day to drop a course through the last day of classes for each term. A final grade of a "W" is awarded for each course where a Course Withdrawal is applied. Students are permitted to Course Withdraw from up to three courses during their academic career at Virginia Tech.
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Declaring an Engineering Minor
Students can apply to an engineering minor three times per year: end of spring, end of summer, end of fall.
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Declaring a Secondary Engineering Major
Students can apply for a secondary engineering major three times per year: end of spring, end of summer, end of fall.
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Exam Change Request
Students can request an exam change due to three or more within a 24-hour time period, or two exams at the same time. Students should discuss their exam conflicts with their instructor(s) prior to completing the Exam Change Request form.
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Force Add
Force-adding is an administrative process that allows the department offering the course to override pre-requisites, capacity, and major restrictions during drop/add. The department offering the course determines if and how force-adding will be completed. If you are force-added you will not have the ability to change a course section on your own.

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam
Instructions for applying for the FE or EIT exam for VT students enrolled at time of examination

General Education Petition
Students can request a course be reviewed to determine if it fulfills a specific General Education requirement.
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General Engineering Change of Concentration Form
Students in General Engineering can request a change of concentration (intended major) at any time while in General Engineering. There are no limits to the number of change requests.
GE Concentration Frequently Asked Questions
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Incomplete Grade Request
This form is used for undergraduate students requesting an Incomplete (I) grade in an engineering course. A grade of (Incomplete) may be given when, for a reason satisfactory to the instructor, the requirements of the course have not been completed. Approval from the course instructor and department head (or designee) of the teaching department required.

Independent Study
An Independent Study is typically a continuation in greater depth of a topic covered in a regular course, and allows students to study topics of particular individual interest. Specialized instruction related to design teams are most often Independent Studies.
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Leave of Absence Request
This form is used for students planning to not enroll at Virginia Tech for two consecutive fall and spring semesters. This request will allow students to retain their catalog year outlining the program requirements.

Overload Request
An overload request is used when students wish to take above the maximum number of hours in a specific term. Student must meet specific overall and in-major GPA requirements; students in their first term of enrollment are not eligible to request an overload.
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Re-Enrollment Request (from Academic Suspension)
Students returning from academic suspension will need to complete this form to have their status re-instated so they can enroll in courses.
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Resignation/Withdrawal (to drop ALL classes in a semester)
Students wishing to resign or withdraw from all classes in a term will complete this form. The term withdraw is used when this request is submitted prior to the first day of classes; after the first day of classes this process is called a resignation.
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Undergraduate Research
Students can earn Undergraduate Research credit for research projects they carry out under faculty supervision. The research typically creates an artifact such as a paper, presentation, or technical product.
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