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Change of Major/Minor

Engineering offers restricted and non-restricted degrees, majors, and minors. Restricted degrees, majors, and minors have specific criteria students must meet to be eligible for entry. Non-restricted degrees, majors, and minors do not have any specific criteria that students must meet to be eligible for entry.

Restricted Degrees and Majors: 
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering*, Biological Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering*, Computer Science*, Construction Engineering and Management, Electrical Engineering*, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering*, Mining Engineering

* These degrees include multiple majors that may have different entry requirements. Review the Frequently Asked Questions for more details on entry requirements for these degrees/majors.

Non-Restricted Degrees and Majors:
Building Construction

Restricted: Biomedical Engineering; Computer Science; Cybersecurity; Human-Computer Interaction
Non-Restricted: Engineering Science and Mechanics; Green Engineering; Innovation; Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science (Scieneering); Naval Engineering; Nuclear Engineering

Click on the links below to view the entry policies and deadlines for the degrees, majors, and minors; information sessions for non-engineering students; and frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Tuition is the primary charge for educational services leading to degree credit. Tuition is determined by a number of factors, including the student’s residency status, the number of credit hours for which the student is registered, the student’s course of study, and the student’s classification level.

Please be aware majors in the College of Engineering require an additional supplemental fee. You can find that information HERE under “description of fees” as well as the link for tuition and fee rates for current and upcoming terms.