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Engineering Change of Major Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a current Virginia Tech student. What are the engineering disciplines at VT and how do I gain entry?
    Current VT students can view details on entry to engineering degrees, majors, and minors on the Change of Major/Minor website

  2. I am a General Engineering student, how do I update my GE concentration?
    Students can update their GE concentration at any time, please review the GE Concentration Frequently Asked Questions page for additional details. 

  3. What if I am applying to a restricted engineering major and I am expecting transfer credit for a course requirement that is not showing on Hokie Spa?
    Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript from your transfer institution to the Engineering Transfer Credit Survey that includes your name, institution, course, and final grade. Review the application dates and deadlines for details on the survey availability. Students must still submit their official transcripts to the Office of the University Registrar through electronic transfer (i.e., Parchment) or to the following address:
    Office of the University Registrar
    Student Services Building, Suite 250
    Virginia Tech
    800 Washington St. S.W.
    Blacksburg, VA 24060-0134

  4. Should I apply after final grades are posted for the term?
    If you are in your first term of enrollment at VT, you will need to wait until final grades are posted. If you are not in your first term of enrollment, you do not need to wait until final grades are posted.

  5. Should I check the "Pending Transfer Credit checkbox?
    Engineering does not use this data point for application reviews. If you want to select it because you are completing a course at another institution you can, but it will not impact your application review.

  6. Should I complete the application if my GPA is below the GPA guarantee?
    Yes. Students commonly think if they have below the GPA guarantee they should wait to apply to their first choice in a later term once they increase their GPA, this is not an advisable strategy. As soon as the change of major requirements are complete, you should apply to your top choice major. In recent reviews, the only majors not accepting students below the GPA guarantees were Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science (as well as Data-Centric Computing and Secure Computing which are under the CS degree).

  7. Should I apply for more than one restricted engineering major?
    If your overall GPA is below the GPA guarantee, it is recommended you select additional major choices. You can select up to three restricted majors on the applications. Directions for selecting more than one engineering major can be found on pages 10 and 11. The order of preference is based on the order you apply to them. To change the order, you must delete the selections and then re-apply in the order you wish to have. The Date Requested column will have a timestamp for your applications, those with a status of Request Submitted will be reviewed in chronological order.

  8. Can I make changes to my application once submitted?
    If you are applying to a restricted major, you can make changes up until the deadline

  9. How do I apply for an engineering major as a secondary major?
    A secondary major is different than a second choice. A secondary major means you want to have two different majors. Details for applying for a secondary major are below.
    Restricted Engineering Majors: Secondary Application for Restricted Engineering Majors
    Non-Restricted Engineering Majors: Secondary Application for Non-Restricted Engineering Majors

  10. Where do I find information on the engineering minors and how to apply for them?
    Details regarding the engineering minors can be located here.

  11. When can I take ENGE 1215, ENGE 1216, or ENGE 1414?
    ENGE 1215 is typically taught in fall, winter, spring, and summer II. General Engineering students are permitted to take this course during any term. Non-engineering students are permitted to enroll in ENGE 1215 during winter or spring.

    ENGE 1216 is typically taught in fall, spring, summer I. Any student is permitted to take this course during any term (Pre-Requisite: ENGE 1215).

    ENGE 1414 is typically taught in the fall semester only. Only College of Engineering students are permitted to take this course (Pre-Requisite: ENGL 1105; MATH 1225; MATH 1226; 19 earned transfer hours)

  12. When can I take courses within a specific engineering discipline?
    This is dependent on the department and the specific course. You can view course restrictions on the Timetable of Classes by searching for the course(s), clicking on the CRN, and reading the comments and restrictions on the course. 

  13. How can I declare a specific major within Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering?
    Several of the VT engineering departments offer multiple majors under one degree. Example: Machine Learning major under the Computer Engineering Degree. How students can declare the various majors under each degree varies by the department; details can be located below.

    Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Degree (BSAOE)
    Available majors: Aerospace Engineering; Ocean Engineering
    Requirements: Students must apply to each major individually; admission will be based on a competitive overall GPA.

    Computer Engineering Degree (BSCPE)
    Available majors:  Chip-Scale Integration; Computer Engineering; Controls, Robotics, and Autonomy; Machine Learning; Networking and Cybersecurity; Software Systems
    Requirements: Students must first be admitted to the Computer Engineering major; then can change to one of the other BSCPE majors after completion of ECE 2804 (C min), regardless of GPA.

    Computer Science Degree (BSCS)
    Available majors: Computer Science; Data-Centric Computing; Secure Computing
    Requirements: Students can directly declare all three majors; once admitted to one of the BSCS majors, students can then change to the others, regardless of GPA.

    Electrical Engineering Degree (BSEE)
    Available majors: Communication and Networking; Controls, Robotics, and Autonomy; Electrical Engineering; Energy and Power Electronics Systems; Micro/Nanosystems; Photonics; Radio Frequency and Microwave; Space Systems
    Requirements: Students must first be admitted to the Electrical Engineering major; then can change to one of the other BSEE majors after completion of ECE 2804 (C min), regardless of GPA.

    Mechanical Engineering Degree (BSME)
    Available Majors: Automotive Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Robotics and Mechatronics
    Requirements: Students must first be admitted to Mechanical Engineering; then can change to one of the other BSME majors, regardless of GPA.