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Academic Affairs

The College of Engineering Academic Affairs office is managed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Our office oversees all aspects of the undergraduate educational experience for engineering students.

Academic Affairs Personnel

Dr. Keith Thompson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Alicia Brown, Enrollment Services Specialist
Dr. Marlena Lester, Director of Advising
Alexis Miller, Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Tracy Sebring, Office Manager
Dr. Natasha Smith, Director of Enrollment Management
Ryan Wagoner, Director of Transfer Services

Events and Programs

The following events and programs are managed at the college level through the COE Academic Affairs Office.

Weeks of Welcome College Sessions & Social
Explore Engineering Week
Engineering Scholarship Application

Forms and Processes

The Academic Affairs office manages all forms for engineering students listed below. Links and details for each can be located on the Academic Forms webpage.

Academic Suspension Appeal
Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere
Change of Major
Course Withdrawal
Exam Change Requests
Independent Study and Undergraduate Research
Overload Requests
Re-Enrollment Requests

Resources and Support

The College of Engineering is committed to student success and provides a robust Resources and Support website to address the following common concerns and needs of our students:

Academic Advising
Academic Planning
Career and Professional Development
Change of Major/Minor
Computer Support
Counseling, Health, and Wellness
Course Registration
Degree Requirements and Graduation
Engineering Success Program
Financial Aid and SUpport
Getting Involved
How To Guides
International Students
Peer Mentoring and Coaching
Study Abroad
Transitional Advising (Internal Transfers)
Tutoring and Study Skills
Undergraduate Research

Talk to the Dean

If you are recommended to "talk to the dean" regarding an issue, as an engineering student the COE Academic Affairs office is the office you work with. You can call 540-231-3244, email, or visit Gilbert Place Suite 3309 (220 Gilbert St., Blacksburg, VA 24061).