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Scholarships for Current Students

More than $1.8 million was awarded to undergraduate students in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering last year. 


New Engineering Student Scholarships (First-Years and Transfers):

The College of Engineering offers scholarships to both first-year and transfer engineering students. Details can be located on our Prospective Student Scholarship page.

Current Engineering Student Scholarships:

Applying to University Level Scholarships:
To be considered for University level scholarship awards, students must complete the General Scholarship Application in Scholarship Central and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Application and FAFSA Deadline:
January (see the University Scholarship webpage for exact deadline dates)

Applying to College/Department Level Scholarships:
The College of Engineering uses a centralized scholarship application and distribution method. Students will complete the standard application in Scholarship Central for engineering. As part of the application will indicate your engineering major (or intended engineering major) and will need to provide an essay response. Some majors will have additional questions that you will need to answer. After the application deadline, the college will review all applications and determine scholarship recipients at the college level first, and then distribute student details to departments so they can make awards for their department-level scholarships. Additional details regarding this process are located below:

  • The application must be submitted each year if you wish to be reviewed for scholarship opportunities for the upcoming academic year. 
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher by the end of each spring semester will be considered competitive for the majority of scholarships, though some scholarships do require a higher GPA.  
  • Scholarship amounts vary from $500 for one year to $5,000+ per year and some are renewable for up to three years. 
  • Some sponsors request personal interviews; others allow the dean's office or departmental scholarship committees to select scholarship recipients.

Application Availability:
First day of spring semester classes - March 1

Essay Topic (500-word limit): 
Discuss the technology of the 21st century that you hope to be involved in developing.   

NOTE:  Depth of thinking, clarity, and conciseness will be considered when reviewing your essay. Students that do not include an essay response will not be considered for college or department-level scholarships. 

Scholarship Award Notification
College of Engineering scholarship awards will be made by July 1; email notifications will be sent to Virginia Tech email accounts by July 1.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The Engineering Opportunities Facebook page is available to engineering students in order to receive information on scholarships available outside the College of Engineering, internships, cooperative education, full-time jobs, and other academic and professional development opportunities. To stay informed on Facebook go to Engineering Opportunities – Virginia Tech and like the page.

Partial Listing of Scholarships Offered to Engineering Students

In addition to scholarships awarded by the College, departments administer their own scholarship programs. The following are some of the major upperclass scholarships awarded by the College through the departments. The amounts of the scholarships vary.

Name Typical Number offered
American Infrastructure 3
Andres Valeiras Memorial 3
Bechtel 5
Benjamin F. Bock 4
Bruce H. and Dorothy R. Pauly 5
Byron M. and Helen S. Brumback 28
Carl O. Sundberg Engineering 3
Charles C. Walts 11
Charles W. and Mildred W. Carter 2
Clark Nexsen Engineering 2
College of Engineering 4
David B. Osborne 4
David R. Hale 3
David Wright Foundation 2
E.R. English 5
E. W. Allen Memorial 3
Eleanor Davenport Leadership 11
Ellen C. Wheeler 3
Frederick C. Grant 7
Gilbert L. and Lucille C. Seay 69
Gordon W. Jones 3
Heterick Scholarship 1
Hilda Valeiras Memorial 3
James K. Anderson 5
Jerry H. Ballangee 4
Jerry S. Chaney 2
John A. and Sonia Redding 2
John B. Greiner Engineering 4
Kimberly Clark 3
M. B. Massie and V. D. Elder Engineering 2
Nelson-Lehmann-Gold Family in Engineering 3
Peter and Phyllis Pruden 14
Pratt Engineering 54
Ralph William Hodges Memorial 7
Ray W. Koontz, Jr. 4
Sam and Janie Bowling 2
Sidney C. Smith Engineering Merit 2
Stuart and Mary Shumate Engineering 5
Thomas L. Leivesley, Jr. 10
W. Thomas and Barbara Robertson 12
Walter G. Adams 2
William C. McAllister 8

For additional information on engineering academic scholarships, contact