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Scholarships for Current Students

New Engineering Student Scholarships (First-Years and Transfers):

The College of Engineering offers scholarships to both first-year and transfer engineering students. Details can be located on our Prospective Student Scholarship page.

College of Engineering Current Student Scholarships:

The College of Engineering uses a centralized scholarship application for college and department scholarships. Students must first complete the University’s General Scholarship Application before they can access the College of Engineering’s application. Both the General application and the College of Engineering application are accessed from Scholarship Central.

The College of Engineering and each of the departments in the college have a variety of scholarship opportunities with different criteria for eligibility. The questions on the College of Engineering scholarship application will help the college and department selection committees match students with these different scholarships. The application has a few required questions and several optional ones. Not every question must be answered to be eligible for all scholarships (it is okay to leave an optional question blank if you do not have an answer for it). The application must be submitted by the deadline for a student to be eligible for College of Engineering scholarships.

While some scholarships require evidence of strong academic performance at Virginia Tech, not all do, and students at all levels of academic performance are encouraged to apply. Unless explicitly prohibited by the a given scholarship opportunity, the college will consider financial need in making decisions about scholarship offers.  

Scholarship Application Steps and Updates

  1. Complete the General Scholarship Application in Scholarship Central
    • Priority deadline for University-Level General Scholarships: January 22, 2024
    • Late completion (after January 22, 2024, but before March 1, 2024) will still allow you to be considered for College of Engineering Scholarships, but not University-Level General Scholarships.
    • The General Scholarship Application must be completed to move on to the College of Engineering Scholarship Application. 
  2. Complete the College of Engineering Scholarship Application in Scholarship Central
    • Deadline for the College of Engineering Scholarships: March 1, 2024
    • The College of Engineering Scholarship Application will be available in Scholarship Central after completing the General Scholarship Application.
  3. Updates to the College of Engineering Scholarship Application
    • The College of Engineering scholarship previously required submission of an essay and references for consideration. Those requirements have been removed.
    • Most questions are optional, however, completing the optional questions increases your chances of matching specific donor requirements and being selected for a scholarship offer.
  4. Eligibility Requirements for College of Engineering 2024-2025 Scholarships
    • All scholarships require full-time undergraduate enrollment (12 or more credit hours) in the College of Engineering during the 2024-2025 academic year.
    • Financial need-based scholarships require completion of the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Priority deadline for FAFSA: January 22, 2024.
    • Merit-based scholarships require a specific minimum Grade Point Average (GPA); however, other scholarships do not have a minimum GPA. Students are encouraged to complete the College of Engineering Scholarship Application regardless of their GPA.
    • Some scholarships require United States Citizenship or permanent residency, but all eligible applicants will be considered. 
  5. Submission Instructions
    • Access and submit the General Scholarship Application and College of Engineering Scholarship Application on Scholarship Central.
    • Only submitted applications will be considered, applications in draft mode will not be considered.
    • Submit your applications, even if you plan to edit them later. Edits are allowed until the deadline, you will need to submit all edits by 11:59 PM on March 1, 2024.  
  6. Scholarship Award Notification
    • College of Engineering scholarship awards will be made by the end of May; email notifications will be sent to Virginia Tech email accounts. 
  7. Thank You Letters
    • Any student awarded a scholarship must provide a thank you letter for each scholarship by June 30, 2024 to retain it. Details for the thank you letter process will be provided in the offer notification.  
  8. Questions
    • If you have technical difficulties with Scholarship Central, please reference the Scholarship Central Users Guide or send a screen shot of the error message to     
    • For general financial aid and scholarship questions, please contact the University Scholarships and Financial Aid Office at 540-231-5179, or visit their website at
    • Questions about the College of Engineering Scholarship process can be directed to Alexis Miller at

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The Engineering Opportunities Facebook page is available to engineering students in order to receive information on scholarships available outside the College of Engineering, internships, cooperative education, full-time jobs, and other academic and professional development opportunities. To stay informed on Facebook go to Engineering Opportunities – Virginia Tech and like the page.