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Labs and Creative Workspaces

Undergraduate students in the College of Engineering have access to a number of workspaces and labs. 

Two female students work in an open lab space on two computers.

Frith First-Year Makerspace

The Frith First-Year Makerspace is a space where first-year engineering students learn by dissecting, designing, making, and analyzing engineering products.

InVenTs Studios

Located within the inVenTs residence hall, the inVenTs Studios provide an interdisciplinary living-learning space for students interested in exploring their ability to envision, create, and transform innovative ideas into action.

Ware Lab

The Ware Lab embodies the College of Engineering's hands-on, minds on approach to student learning. This projects lab was one of the first spaces on Virginia Tech’s campus dedicated to the development of an undergraduate engineering build space. The lab provides space, equipment, and facilities for undergraduates to work within design student teams and removes boundaries that often separate engineering disciplines.

Aerospace Engineering Design Lab

The Aerospace Engineering Design Lab is housed under the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department. The facility houses up to 12 undergraduate design teams in the areas of rocketry, drone technology, aircraft technology, and turbine energy.