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Ranit Mukjerjee in the Nature-Inspired Fluids and Interfaces Lab

From our local neighborhoods in Southwest Virginia to communities on other continents, Virginia Tech engineers are focused on impactful research that addresses problems on a global scale.

Our ongoing research initiatives focus on improving the quality of daily life, which means we're tackling some of the world's most complex threats to humanity in the fields of security, resilience, health, and sustainability - among others.

Virginia Tech Engineering Research by the Numbers

  • Ranked eighth out of 381 institutions in the annual National Science Foundation survey for engineering research expenditures (FY2016).
  • Research expenditures for FY2016 totaled $228.3 million.
  • Engineering research expenditures account for 44 percent of all research expenditures at Virginia Tech.
  • Over 1,200 graduate students are financially supported by and for the College's research programs, totaling almost $28 million in annual funding.

Strategic Research Areas

The College's research programs coalesce around seven distinct areas of strength and importance.

Autonomous Systems
Advanced Manufacturing
Cybersecurity and Cyber-physical Systems
Decision Science and Data Analytics
Health Sciences
Water Safety and Security
Wireless Communications