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The College of Engineering hosts 13 undergraduate degrees for over 30 majors.

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Degrees and Majors Within the College of Engineering

The Department of Engineering Education is home to all first-year and transfer engineering students and are classified as General Engineering majors, which is a non-degree granting major. Once specific change of major requirements are complete, students become eligible to declare any of the 13 undergraduate engineering degrees.

Each degree program has at least one major, which is the main subject area you intend to pursue for your degree. The list below provides the degree programs, the available majors for each degree, and an appropriate contact for additional questions.

The college of engineering also offers several minors that students can pursue in addition to a degree, the list of minors can be located here. Graduation requirements for each major can be located here.

Details for how to declare one of the degree-granting engineering majors can be located here


Aerospace and Ocean Engineering (BSAOE)
Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Ocean Engineering (OE)
Contact: Emily Metzgar

Biological Systems Engineering (BSBSE)
Biological Systems Engineering (BSE)
Contact: Priscilla Baker

Biomedical Engineering (BSBME)
Biomedical Engineering (BMES)
Contact: Amanda Sandridge

Chemical Engineering (BSCHE)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Contact: Dr. Gary Whiting

Civil Engineering (BSCE)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Contact: Kara Lattimer

Computer Engineering (BSCPE)
Chip-Scale Integration (CSI)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy (CRA)
Machine Learning (MCHL)
Networking & Cybersecurity (NWCS)
Software Systems (SFTW)
Contact: Mary Brewer

Computer Science (BSCS)
Computer Science (CS)
Data-Centric Computing (DCC)
Secure Computing (SC)
Contact: Dr. Paige Johnson

Construction Engineering and Management (BSCEM)
Construction Engineering and Management (CEM)
Contact: Sharon Williams

Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
Communications and Networking (CMNW)
Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy (ECRA)
Energy & Power Electronics Systems (ERES)
Micro/Nanosystems (MNSY)
Photonics (PHTN)
Radio Frequency & Microwave (RFMW)
Space Systems (SPCS)
ContactMary Brewer

Industrial and Systems Engineering (BSISE)
Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE)
Contact: Paula Van Curen

Materials Science Engineering (BSMSE)
Materials Science Engineering (MSE)
Materials Science Engineering: Nuclear Materials (MSE:NUCM)
Contact: Michelle Czamanske

Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
Automotive Engineering (AUTE)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Robotics and Mechatronics (RBMT)
Contact: Sarah Deisher

Mining Engineering (BSMNE)
Mining Engineering (MINE)
Contact: Michelle Crotto