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What is Force-Adding?

Force-adding is an administrative process that allows the department offering the course to place students into courses they cannot add themselves. A common reason for a force add is unprocessed transfer credit for pre-requisite courses students have taken at other institutions. Force-adds will not be considered for instructor preference or time convenience.

The department offering the course determines if and how force-adding will be completed. If you are force-added you will not have the ability to change a course section on your own. Force-add information for each engineering department and several non-engineering departments can be found below.

Engineering Courses

AOE - Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
BMES - Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 
BSE - Biological Systems Engineering: Email Priscilla Baker (
BC - Building Construction
CEECivil and Environmental Engineering
CEM - Construction Engineering and Management
CHE - Chemical Engineering: Email Carrie Hopkins (
CSComputer Science
ECEElectrical and Computer Engineering
ENGEEngineering Education (Non-engineering students cannot enroll in ENGE 1215 during summer II or fall terms). Force Adds for courses other than ENGE 1215, 1216, 1414 require instructor permission.
ENGR - Engineering: Request permission from course instructor.
ESM - Engineering Science and Mechanics
ISEIndustrial and Systems Engineering
ME - Mechanical Engineering
MINE - Mining Engineering: Email Michelle Crotto (
MSE - Materials Science and Engineering: Email Michelle Czamanske ( no earlier than the week before classes begin.
NSEG - Nuclear Science and Engineering: Email Sarah Deisher (, Hannah Troutt (, or Linda Vick (

Non-Engineering Courses

BIOL - Biological Sciences


ENGL - English
ENGL 1105, 1106, 3764: No force-adds accepted
ENGL 3804, 3814, 3824, 3834, 3844, 4824: Request permission from course instructor


PHYS - Physics:
Email Diane Walker-Greene (, with the following:
1) your VT Student ID number
2) a PDF or screenshot of your unofficial transcript from the transfer institution that shows your name, the transfer institution name, the transfer course name, and number, the final grade earned
3) the CRN of an open section of the lecture and lab; you wish to add -- verify the section is not restricted to PHYS Majors Only (click on the CRN on the timetable of classes or click on the course title on the class search option then click restrictions)

STAT - Statistics:
No force-adds are accepted for courses that are full, monitor the Timetable of Classes.
No force-adds are accepted if the pre-requisites are not met; email Christina Dillon ( with questions.