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Academic Relief

What is the Academic Relief Policy?

Undergraduate students facing extenuating circumstances that compromise their ability to fulfill academic responsibilities, such as attending classes or completing coursework, for an extended period within a semester, may seek academic relief. Broadly, a student may be eligible for academic relief with a recommendation from an appropriate campus student support entity, such as the Dean of Students Office, Cook Counseling Center, Schiffert Health Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, and the Office for Equity and Accessibility, to support the student’s need for relief. 

Academic relief typically entails a complete withdrawal from all courses in a semester, with these courses being indicated on the transcript as "WP" (Withdrawal, exception).  

Who and what is eligible?

This process only applies to undergraduate students. Graduate students should connect with the Graduate School to determine their options. Typically, academic relief will only be considered for courses taken during the student's last academic year of enrollment.

What is the process?

Academic relief requests must be initiated in the student's current college. This process will require multiple stages of approval and students should expect this process to take several weeks to complete and receive a decision.

Stage 1: Academic Affairs Intake Appointment
Schedule an appointment with Alexis Miller, Assistant Director of Advising through Navigate to discuss this process. In the comments, list "academic relief". 

Stage 2: Initiate Formal Request
After your intake appointment, you will submit your relief request through the online portal (select Request Academic Relief).

Stage 3: Initial Academic Affairs Review
Your formal request will be sent to your Academic Dean for an initial review and comments.

Stage 4: Review by USFA and Cranwell (as applicable)
Your request will be reviewed by the Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid (USFA) and Cranwell International Center as needed to provide comments regarding the impacts this may have on financial aid and/or international student status.

Stage 5: Student Support Entity Review
Your request will be reviewed by the student support entity you selected within the online portal (Dean of Students, Cook Counseling Center, Schiffert Health Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, or the Office for Equity and Accessibility) to provide comments.

Stage 6: Final Academic Dean Review
Your request, along with comments from stages 3 - 5 will be sent to your Academic Dean for a final academic review.

Stage 7: Academic Relief Committee Review
Your request will be evaluated by the university academic relief committee for a final decision.

Stage 8: Processing by the University Registrar
Any applicable record changes will be processed by the Office of the University Registrar.

Stage 9: Final Outcome Notification
A final outcome notification will be sent via email to your Virginia Tech email address.

How to review your academic relief review status?

Visit the online portal and select Check the Status of My Request.

How may academic relief affect me?

Receiving academic relief may affect financial aid eligibility, on-campus housing, international student status, and university academic standing. You may also be prevented from enrollment in one or more future terms, this will be dependent on the academic relief committee's recommendation.