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What is Force-Adding?

Force-adding is an administrative process that allows the department offering the course to place students into courses they cannot add themselves. A common reason for a force add is unprocessed transfer credit for pre-requisite courses students have taken at other institutions. Force-adds will not be considered for instructor preference or time convenience.

The department offering the course determines if and how force-adding will be completed. If you are force-added you will not have the ability to change a course section on your own. Force-add information for each engineering department and several non-engineering departments can be found below.

Engineering Courses

AOE - Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
BMES - Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 
BSE - Biological Systems Engineering: Email Priscilla Baker (
BC - Building Construction
CEECivil and Environmental Engineering
CEM - Construction Engineering and Management
CHE - Chemical Engineering: Email Jeremy Wilson (
CSComputer Science
ECEElectrical and Computer Engineering
ENGEEngineering Education
ENGR - Engineering: Request permission from course instructor.
ESM - Engineering Science and Mechanics: Summer Force-Adds  |   Fall Force-Adds
ISEIndustrial and Systems Engineering
ME - Mechanical Engineering
MINE - Mining Engineering: Email Michelle Crotto (
MSE - Materials Science and Engineering: Email Michelle Czamanske ( no earlier than the week before classes begin.
NSEG - Nuclear Science and Engineering

Non-Engineering Courses

BIOL - Biological Sciences


ENGL - English
ENGL 1105, 1106, 3764: No force-adds accepted
ENGL 3804, 3814, 3824, 3834, 3844, 4824: Request permission from course instructor


PHYS - Physics

STAT - Statistics