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How To Read A Checksheet

The university refers to graduation requirements as "checksheets" which include all degree requirements for any major at Virginia Tech.

College of Engineering Checksheets

You will select the college, then navigate to your major of interest. Degree requirements can change from year to year. It is important to choose the requirements based on the academic year you entered Virginia Tech. As an example, any student beginning at VT in summer 2022, fall 2022, or spring 2023 would follow the 2022-2023 checksheet.

Checksheets in the College of Engineering show a generalized course plan that includes pre-requisites, co-requisites, term offerings, and grade requirements. It is important to view this information carefully as not all degree programs will have the same grade requirements. There are also additional pages on each checksheet that include information on the general education requirements, satisfactory progress towards degree, and specific electives within the degree.

Below is a sample semester with details on what the various notations mean.

MSE Checksheet Title

College: college name

Department: department name

Degree Title: degree that will be awarded

Major: major that will show on the diploma

Date of entry: academic year these requirements are applicable 

Minimum Credits: minimum number of hours needed to complete all degree requirements

MSE Checksheet Snippet

Semester Year: Provides the courses typically taken by students in a given year and semester.

Pre = Prerequisite: Courses which must be completed before enrolling in the course
Co = Corequisite: Courses which must be taken at the same time or before enrolling in the course

Minimum grades will be indicated in parentheses next to any courses requiring a grade higher than a D-. Additional minimum grade requirements may be on the additional pages, read through the entire checksheet carefully.

Term offerings are provided as superscripts next to the credit hours. These are only provided for courses taught within the department offering the degree.
F = Fall
S = Spring
SI = Summer I
SII = Summer II
SIII = Summer III