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Pathways to General Education are comprised of seven core learning concepts that include the skills, knowledge, tools, and perspective which every Virginia Tech student will engage in before graduation.


Pathways to General Education Concepts

Pathway 1: Discourse
1f (Foundational): ENGL 1105 + ENGL 1106
1a (Advanced): Major's choice: ___________

Pathway 2: Critical Thinking in the Humanities
6 credits of student's choice:   ___________ + ___________

Pathway 3: Reasoning in the Social Sciences
CEM: ECON 2005 + ECON 2006
AE, CE, MSE, OE: ECON 2005 + ___________
All other engineering majors: 6 credits of student's choice: ___________ + ___________

Pathway 4: Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
CHEM 1035/1045 + PHYS 2305

Pathway 5: Quantitative and Computational Thinking
5f (Foundational): MATH 1225 + MATH 1226
5a (Advanced): MATH 2214 or CS 3114 (CS majors only)

Pathway 6: Critique and Practices in Design and the Arts
6f (Foundational): 3 credits of student's choice: ___________
6d (Design): ENG 1215 + ENGE 1216 or ENGE 1414

Pathway 7: Critical Analysis of Identify and Equity in the United States
3 credits of student's choice: ___________
Note: Pathways 7 courses can count for two Pathways if the course is listed as both a Pathway 7 and another Pathways concept.

Finding Your Pathways

Step 1: Access your Unofficial Transcript on Hokie Spa.
Hokie Spa > Transcripts and Certifications Menu > View Unofficial Transcript

Step 2:  Determine if a course you have completed or plan to take is a Pathways course by using the Pathways Guide (Alphabetical) for your entering year and searching for the VT course equivalent. Note: Not all courses fulfill a Pathway requirement.

Step 3:  Use the Pathways to General Education chart on page 2 of your intended engineering major's graduation requirements to record your completed and planned Pathways courses.