Yasmin Farzan at the UO Lab in Germany

Yasmin Farzan is a Senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in computer science. She participated in the undergraduate student exchange program with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum Program for the summer of 2022, supported by the SEC-Global Engineering Access Scholarship. For 8 weeks, she participated in the Unit Operations Laboratory (UO Lab) course, allowing her to have hands-on experience learning about different processes that go into the chemical production. In her free time, she and her classmates had the opportunity to visit Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Málaga. Her favorite memory comes from taking a beach trip in Spain with eleven of her other classmates and having the opportunity to bond with students within her major who she had never met before.

From learning to adapt to a new culture, navigate a different university, and make friends internationally, Yasmin’s experience abroad allowed her to grow so much. Having also participated in the UO Lab, Yasmin feels that it has helped open up doors for her when looking for jobs as her experience allowed her to better understand the culture and mission of German companies

When asked what advice she would give to other engineers, Yasmin states “Experience as many things as you can in college. With scholarships available to study abroad, try to get to know other experiences and go to study abroad fairs to see what programs work for you. Plan as early as possible and have a backup plan as well.” 

When Yasmin graduates, she plans to work for ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas, but is looking forward to continuing traveling with plans to go to Morocco and Japan in coming years. In her interview, she states “Knowing that a lot of people around the world are looking to meet other people from around the world is beautiful and that’s why I want to keep traveling.”