Yasmin Farzan at the UO Lab in Germany

Lydia Newhouse embarked on an exciting journey as a participant in the RSAP 2023 program, exploring and learning abroad. Looking back on her experience, Lydia realized the importance of planning, especially with the program's packed schedule and numerous events. Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed by the cultural differences initially, Lydia found Japan to be both unique and surprisingly familiar in its daily life. 

One standout memory was visiting the Hyundai manufacturing plant, offering valuable insights into global engineering practices. Lydia enthusiastically recommends such experiences to fellow engineering students, highlighting their potential to expose individuals to diverse work cultures and essential skills applicable worldwide. To those considering overseas travel, Lydia's advice is simple: take the plunge. Despite any initial fears, the support from fellow travelers and program structures can ease the journey into the unknown, leading to incredible personal growth and adventure.


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