Cassie Freelander, having participated in the RSAP Spain and Morocco track, shared insightful reflections on her study abroad experience. Expressing a desire to have dedicated more time to learning the language, Cassie highlighted the element of surprise in discovering the captivating buildings and architecture of the country without prior research.

Her favorite memory involved delving into the rich history of a cathedral and exploring a fortress in southern Spain dating back over a thousand years. Cassie emphasized the fascinating contrast in public transportation efficiency compared to the States. When asked about recommending studying or working abroad to fellow engineering students, her response was a resounding "Absolutely." Furthermore, Cassie provided practical advice for those considering overseas travel, stressing the importance of learning some of the language, keeping belongings secure, staying cautious in unfamiliar surroundings, and approaching the experience without preconceived expectations. Overall, her journey was marked by cultural exploration, historical immersion, and a positive endorsement for engineering students to embark on similar adventures.

Building with tiles and foreign architecture