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Photos, videos, and visual assets

Tips for user generated content.
Below are resouces and tips for user generated photos, videos, and Zoom interviews, which have been created due to the need for social distancing during the cornavirus outbreak. 

Tips for recording your own smartphone video
Have an interview? Here are some tips (includes Zoom tips). 


Photo library
The University Relations photo library contains more than 100,000 images that are available for use. For access, please contact Megan Zalecki in University Relations.

Request a photographer or videographer
Use this form to request a College of Engineering photographer/videographer. We will work with your department's communicator after receiving this form.
Request a College of Engineering photographer or videographer

You can also request a University Relations photographer or videographer, but these requests should only come from your department's communicator. 
Request a University Relations photographer or videographer

Photo, video and interview release form
Generally, a signed release form is needed when photo/video/audio will be used for commercial purposes, when the subject is a minor (signature needed by parent/guardian), or if the subject will be photographed in a non-public space, or has been specifically recruited to serve as a model.
Image and Interview Release

Sizing image for the CMS, November 2019

We want our pages to download quickly for our users. Part of that is making sure that images are down-sized and compressed. Our CMS will do that for us, but it doesn't do a good job. Photos become fuzzy. It's better to compress and down-size the images in Photoshop and then upload them to assets in the CMS. Here's how to do that with Photoshop. Do this for all VTNews stories and for all of your images on your websites.

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Virginia Tech Brand Center

For additional resources including Virginia Tech logo guidelines, social media guidelines, university writing style guides, font downloads, PowerPoint templates, graphics and photography style guides, and more, please visit the Virginia Tech Brand Center

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Peter Means