Engineering Faculty Organization (EFO)

Virginia Tech faculty members Dushan Boroyevich and Fred Lee

Vision, Mission, and Goal

The Engineering Faculty Organization (EFO) includes all members of the engineering teaching, research, and extension faculty.  The EFO holds a general assembly in the Fall of each academic year. The purpose of the EFO is to:

  1. To provide a forum for study, discussion, and formulation of policy in academic and personnel matters of particular interest to the College of Engineering;
  2. To provide meaningful two-way channels of communication between Faculty and Administration;
  3. To provide for the transaction of the routine business of the Faculty of the College of Engineering; and
  4. To discharge all responsibilities that may be delegated to the Engineering Faculty by the Faculty Senate, University Council, and/or Administration.

Executive Committee Members

Members by name, department, and term end date.

Gary Seidel (AOE) 2020
Saad Ragab (BEAM) 2018
Linbing Wang (CEE) 2020
Ashley Johnson (CEM) 2020
Danfeng Daphne Yao (CS) 2020
Sanket A. Deshmukh (CHE) 2020
Khai Ngo (CPES) 2018
Julia Ross Dean of Engineering
Lynn Abbott (ECE) 2019

Diana Bairaktarova (ENG-ED) 2020
Ran Jin (ISE) 2018
Tafti Danesh (ME) 2018
Cheng Chen (MINE) 2019
Hang Yu (MSE) 2019
Open (NCR) 2020
Open (SBES) 2020


Members by name and department.

Gary Seidel (AOE)
Jack Duke (BEAM)
Open (CEE)
Stephen Martin (CHE)
Liqing Zhang (CS)
Qiang Li (CPES)

Patrick Schaumont (ECE)
Mike Gregg (Eng Ed)
Ran Jin (ISE)
Jan Helge Bohn (ME)
Emily Sarver (MINE)
Kathy Lu (MSE)

We'd like your feedback

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Presentations at 2016 Annual Meeting