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2022 COE Faculty Activity Report

2022 COE Faculty Activity Reports are due to the dean March 1, 2023. Completed FARS should be submitted to your department liaison to upload to the google shared drive.

T&R Faculty - The method of reporting will use the electronic faculty activity report system (EFARS) with COE required additions as manual entries into the Word document. You will need to download the template for Engineering from the University Data Commons Select the block for “Faculty Activity”, and then in the pull-down menu on the top right for “Faculty Activity Reports”, select “Individual”.  For the “Report”, select the “CoE Annual Faculty Activity Report”.  At the bottom of this UDC webpage is a link to download the template and review the instructions. If you have any additional questions on how to complete your eFAR, your department’s eFAR liaison can assist you.

A/P Faculty - may use the electronic faculty activity report system (EFARS) with the new COE AP Faculty Report Template or the new COE AP Faculty Activity Report template alone.

Who needs to complete a Faculty Activity Report?

  • Tenure Track Faculty
  • Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Instructional Appointments
  • Continued Appointment Faculty
  • A/P Faculty (They can use the eFars system as well).  Because of the nature of the system, AP faculty may want to just use the COE A/P Faculty Activity Report Template
  • Research Faculty and Post Docs need to have a written performance review as stated in section 6.7 of the Faculty Handbook. They can accomplish this by completing a FAR for their annual evaluation and can use the EFARS system and COE template; use the AP Faculty Report template, or just have a signed written performance review.