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Conference Displays and Banners

10 foot booth display for all engingeering departments
It's up to you whether you need a full display with all of the parts shown below or if you only need a retractable banner for example. 

From left to right: 

  • Retractractable banner
  • 10' booth backdrop
  • Retractable banner
  • Booth attendees with branded shirts
  • Maroon table cloth over the entire table, with a white runner with lockup
Virginia Tech Engineering conference display mockup designs

Retractable banner design with buttets
Below you can see that the retractable banners (left and right) have room for bullets. You may use this design, however less text always has more impact. You should strive for clean, modern, and impactful designs that bring in your audience from across the room. Your booth staff should be actively engaging with your conference goings and not relying on them to read your displays to get informtaion. The same goes for handouts by the way. It's better to engage them in conversation than to hand them a printed, with no conversion. Those printed pieces usually end up in the trash. Additonally, you could consider adding a tabletop LCD dsiplay to show custom messaging per event.

Virginia Tech Engineering conference display mockup designs with bullet points.

Optional lighting
If you have it in the budget, lighting that attaches to the top of your display will really make your booth pop, especially in dimly lit hotel ballrooms. Examples of lighting is shown in the mocksups. 

Download the mockups
PDF of the mockup displays

Who designs the displays?
It is recommended that you work with Peter Means to create your displays. However, if you are experienced with graphic deisgn and Adobe Indesign, you may do your own design work.

Download the Indesign template
See note above before you download the InDesign template.

Who prints the displays 
We have used TechExpress in Christiansburg for our retractable banner hardware purchases and printing, however you may choose other licensed vendors

Do you have to use these designs?
No you do not have to use these designs although it is highly recommneded that you do. If you wish to design a variation, the rough designs must be approved by Chelsea Seeber and Peter Means. Please keep the designs in a similar family to the designs shown here.

Why use this design?

  • When you see our department booths next to each other in the same space, in the way you do at Engineering Open House, it looks like a fragmented brand if everyone has a diffent design.
  • Consistency builds brand recognition.
  • Remember, your audience doesn't think of your unit as different and siloed. They think of you as a part of Virginia Tech Engineering.