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"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for an excellent week. My son had such a great experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity. I really enjoyed watching the children problem solving, collaborating, thinking critically and communicating to resolve some of the challenges they faced this week. A Big Thank You to you and the staff for keeping these young engineers busy this summer. I look forward to next summer and visiting VT again soon." Victor

Imagination Camp students working on an experiment

"Thank you so much for an engaging and educational experience!  Hall has greatly enjoyed Imagination and looks forward to joining you for Blast next summer (hopefully in person) Hall is so proud of his project....and delighted in sharing it with his dad and I as soon as the morning session ended.  Again, thanks to you and your team for all of the effort that you've put into this program." Jennifer

"This program was very fun. I learned a lot and enjoyed participating in the activities. …The counselors and instructors were great. I thought that my counselors and Project Water Works teachers had great communication skills." Anonymous Student

"It's a very welcoming community and a had a great time doing these activities. It was an amazing experience and the counselors were amazing!" Anonymous Student

"Alec was thrilled to receive his awards yesterday - thank you so much! And thanks again for all your hard work on this camp!" Rosemary


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Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

215 Hancock Hall (0275), 490 Old Turner St., Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061
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