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“I liked everything because you made us feel at home. My favorite part was when we did the obstacle course. It was fun because it was scary and it helped us get over our fears. I learned more about engineering. I hope someday to become an engineer. Thank you for opening up you college to us. It might not seem so important to you guys, but it is to us. It is a real life great opportunity so thank you.”

Imagination Camp students working on an experiment

“Thank you so much for this amazing week at Virginia Tech. It was such an experience and I learned so much. Some of my favorite activities were the Earthquake Resistant Structures, Chemical Engineering and the Sumo-bots. At first, I was scared to solder, but as my fear dissipated I learned to find it fun. Another things was how before I never realized how big the campus is. I thank all of the people who walked or drove my group to all of our activities. As I've been told, the food truly was incredible. Thank you for allowing us access to that. I know that overall I've only tapped into the vast field of engineering, but it's an opportunity I wouldn't have been able to have without this camp. Thank you again so much.”

“My favorite part was the sumo-bots because building it was fun. I really liked when we flew drones because it was a first. I learned how to make games. I'd like to know more about engineering. I hope someday to get to come back. Thank you for helping me learn a lot about a lot of different stuff.”

“My favorite part was sumo bots because it taught me to be patient and take my time. Also don’t rush at soldering. I really liked when we made slime because it was very interactive as well as teaching me how to use chemicals. I’d like to know more about dry sand in water because I want to see if they clean the oil in the sea with it. I hope someday to succeed in engineering. Thank you for helping me learn about engineering.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here this week. Thank you for helping me extending my engineer knowledge. I really liked meeting new friends. I also learned how to solder, code, make cement and a low cost car. Maybe someday I could come to VA Tech. Thank you for the fun experiance here.”

“Thank you staff teachers RA's and PA's. I had an amazing time this week and I hope I can do it again next year. I thought the DNA testing was really cool. I also loved constructing the sumo bots and learning how solder. I loved Gamechangineer; it was a great idea. I liked simpler ways to code. I also have a better understanding of what I might do when I get older. I also might look a little deeper into civil engineering. I had a great time, thank you for this experiance.”

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