I really liked the fact the fact that it was completely hands on. This is very different learning than what I do in school, and I believe that system of learning is much more effective.

Imaginaiton students clowning around

 I wanted to tell you thank you for the opportunity my partner’s son was able to be a part of last week.  He absolutely loved being here at camp and he came home every evening with so much enthusiasm for what he had learned that day.  He really needed this opportunity to see what is out there in terms of possibilities.   I appreciate all of the work you do to get these camps off the ground and crafted into such a meaningful experience for students.  Your efforts make a difference!

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity for my daughter Anjali to participate in Camp Imagination.  I think it is a wonderful program to get children excited about college and especially getting girls excited about Engineering!  Anjali had an amazing time working with her group, learning from the teachers, experiencing life on campus and building the video game.

I would like to thank you and your staff for allowing my child, Rion, the opportunity to attend your program this year. I heard all about the wonderful things they did over the past week and Rion even said that he hopes to attend next year as well. This was an awesome experience for him and all the children here in Martinsville/Henry County that attended. Once again thanks for all you did!