All the stations were so much fun. You could tell that everyone truly enjoyed what they were demonstrating. I've been to many engineering camps, and it's not always easy to get everything right - but Imagination nailed it! All the stations were fantatic. To everyone, your efforts were appreciated for putting this together! Thank you.

Imagination Camp students working on an experiment

Thank you for providing me with a unique education and learning experience. I really liked the helmet building and Game Changineer activities because they were so interactive and hands on. I also liked learning about how cool Arduinos are.

Thank you all so much for spending your time giving us all an amazing experience when you could have been doing something else. I've learned so much about my passion, and never thought I would. My favorite part was exploding items, that sand material and everything else in that time. So thank you for dedicating part of your summer to make this week amazing and memorable. I can't wait for next summer!

I loved this camp! It is my favorite camp and I wish to come back next summer. It was great because we got to work with others while creating new things. My favorite part was the Joba Design Group with Cameron. I learned a lot, like where our water comes from or how to code. All of it was awesome! So thanks!

The food experiece was lovely and a overall amazing experience. The camp was a fantastic experience not just learning but meeting new people and forming new friendships. I hope someday to become an engineer and the knowledge that I have received from this camp will definitely be used for choosing my correct career path.

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