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"To the faculty and staff of Tech, Thank you so much! This week was an amazing experience. From capture the flag to learning how to solder it was a very interesting time, so thank you to all the PAs, professors, and instructors this week. You helped make this place something special. Thank you!" Anders

students working together to get a marble to roll down pieces of wood

"Thank you for such a great week. My favorite part was learning to solder because it was like building grown up legos, and I love legos! I learned the basics of coding and want to learn more. This camp has greatly increased my interest in engineering careers and I enjoyed it whole heartedly." Carter

"Thank you. First I would like to thank you for accepting me to the program, it is one in a lifetime chance. It’s a gratefulness to spent time here with different people. My favorite part of summer camp was probably meeting new people and making the LED’s color organ board because it made me focus.. I enjoyed this camp. Thank you VT!!!" Chiara

"My favorite part was building the drones because I learned how you can use them in the real world. I hope someday to be an engineer in the army. I would love to fly drones in the army. Thank you so much for teaching me so much more about drones and drone safety. I cannot wait to use all I learned in the real world one day. Thank you so much!" Sarah

"Thank you for teaching me. I love science and I am so grateful to have done what I have done for free. I love wind tunnels and making my own drone. It was an amazing experience. I also loved everything else and learned a lot about the world of UAS. I hope someday to come and advance my education at VT even though I do not know what I want to do yet." Ben


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