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"Just want to say THANK YOU! for this amazing camp! [Our daughter] learned so much and got exposed to what engineering really means, she talked to us about her hands-on engineering projects every evening after the camp, what problems they had and how they were fixed etc. She is more interested in engineering than ever! Thank you so much for what you and your team did to make this camp an amazing experience for her! It will have a long-lasting impact on her."

students working with gloves on with materials

"I would like to express our appreciation for the work you have done on the Imagination Camp as well as to the professors and college students who patiently worked with our kids! It has been truly a great week of summer experience for our boys and also one that matters! They have learned so much and will carry on that learning for their future endeavors!"

"My Favorite aspect of this camp was the teamwork that was incorporated. This would include the marble travel activity, the paper tower, and other activities of those sorts. ALL of the PA's, RA's, and Professors were fun, understanding, and worked hard to make sure everyone was safe and accounted for! Thank you ALL staff. I had a blast at this camp."

"Thank you so much for providing me with this amazing opportunity. I learned so much every day and met lots of new people. I got to do projects and was able to make hands-on projects. Before I came here I was scared people wouldn't like me but every staff person was so welcoming and very easy to be comfortable to be around. Every day I got to laugh and never felt bored. I was able to do activities I would not be able to do at home. It was so cool to be able to meet real college professors."

"My favorite part was bonding with my friends because having friends made the whole experience ten times better! I really liked when we got caught in the rain, I love dancing in rainstorms :P. I learned about wind tunnels (those were really fun). I'd like to know more about drones and their usages/ capabilities. I hope someday to return to VT for college, camp or otherwise! Thank you for helping me learn about drones, engineering and college life!"

"Thank you for organizing such a fun event! My favorite part was definitely the video diaries (but the building and the ropes course came in a close second:)) I loved it when we went to the lab because I got to see a mining robot for Mars. I learned a lot more about tech than I have anywhere else! (Which is what I came to do!) I'd love to learn more about aviation <3. I have high hopes to someday become a pilot. Thank you for helping in setting up a great program to help me learn about drones and aviation! <3"

"My experience here was like no other. I learned things I didn't even know existed. I thank the PA's and RA's for always helping me sometimes. I met many new and fun people that I will never forget. I've never flown a drone before and now I've built one! Thank you for giving me an amazing experience here. I will never forget."

Students giving thumbs up as they're ready with helmets on to do the ropes course

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