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C-Tech² offers an opportunity to learn about college life--from residence halls to classrooms and everything in-between. It provides access to information and technology necessary to best prepare you for your future. The C-Tech² program targets rising junior and senior high school girls.

The C-Tech² camp will be held Sunday, June 25 – Saturday, July 8, 2023. Deadlines:
Applications are Closed
Notification of Decision: Monday, April 11th 

What is C-Tech² all about?

  • Exploring applications of engineering in a way that is fun and exciting.
  • Spending time involved in hands-on activities designed to increase your interest in and knowledge of applications of engineering to real world situations.
  • Attending seminars to help you prepare for the college application process.
  • Interacting with others interested in pursuing careers in various engineering fields.
  • Completing an engineering design project
  • Meeting industry representatives and learning about what they’re looking for

The program will feature a Cybersecurity Capture the Flag competition sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Capture the Flag (CTF) is designed to challenge participants to solve computer security problems in order to earn points for their team. The CTF will be Jeopardy-style with challenges across several categories with increasing point values as the problems get more difficult. The game will have something for everyone; introductory challenges will help inexperience participants learn the basics. As challenges increase in difficulty, players will acquire new skills and solve new kinds of problems. More advanced players can continue to hone their skills by focusing on the hardest of challenges. The CTF will include categories such as cryptography, networking, web applications, reconnaissance, reverse engineering, and others.

CIA Summer Sponsorship Information

Contact CTech2

215 Hancock Hall (0275), 490 Old Turner St., Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061
Phone: (540) 231-7337
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Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

220 Gilbert Street (MC 0275)
Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061
Phone: (540) 231-7411
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