I wanted to thank you again for going out of your way to make the C-Tech^2 experience a memorable one. Thank you for driving me to and from the airport when my flights were delayed in both directions. And thank you for taking me to the health clinic when I wasn't feeling well. C-Tech^2 was an amazing experience that helped me to close some doors on certain majors and open one (electrical engineering) to further investigating. But I gained so much more than just where my future career may be in. I met a group of talented girls who are going to change the future and brilliant faculty who are passionate about their field. I also loved the campus. Thank you again for all you have done. I will never forget this experience.


C-Tech2 campers working in lab

I wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for opportunity to participate in the CTech^2 program this summer.  I so enjoyed learning more about the different fields of engineering and attending the activities with my fellow gobblers.  Participating in the CTech2 program was so exciting and a great learning experience for me.  It truly solidified my desire to further my education in the field of engineering and I am so thankful that I was able to speak with such knowledgeable faculty such as yourself. I am definitely planning to visit Virginia Tech in October when the CTech2 participants are invited to campus to seek early admission acceptance. I hope to see you again then. Again, thank you for the opportunity and helping to create a wonderful experience for me at Virginia Tech. I hope you have a great summer.


We just arrived home and I just want to give you and the CTech 2 team a big THANK  YOU!  We had the best ride home with Belle describing all the cool things she learned about.  She was most impressed by the professors. She said they genuinely were so interested in being with the girls and said they are so happy with their work ! What a great impression they made on her. I can't thank you enough for giving her this  experience.

Well done !!!


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in C-Tech^2 this summer. It was an incredible experience that helped me start long lasting relationships with my peers and the faculty at Virginia Tech. I learned so much and lived every minute of the program. I discovered so much about engineering which has helped me decide which branch of engineering I’d like to go into. From C-Tech^2, I gained more than I ever could have imagined, and I’m so thankful for this experience. Without you I would never have been able to participate in C-Tech^2 and I am extremely grateful for all you did that made this possible for me. Again, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in CTEch^2 this summer.