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Comments from C-Tech² Participants

"I wanted to take some time to thank you for allowing me to attend C-Tech^2. I had an absolutely amazing experience these past two weeks, and was able to make so many valuable connections both with my peers and the professors I was able to meet. The program allowed me to grow and learn in ways I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t attended. Not only this, but it also helped me realize how amazing Virginia Tech is. C-Tech^2 is truly a special program, and I hope that it can continue to prosper and allow young people like me to establish these relationships and learn about engineering. Thank you for believing in me and giving me such an amazing and life-changing opportunity." Jocelyn 

C-Tech^2 campers picking up Hokie stone at VT Quarry

"I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in C-Tech^2. I had an amazing time these past 2 weeks and learned so much from the camp. This camp made me realize how much I love engineering, specifically computer science and computer/electrical engineering, through all of the workshops, faculty meets, and other forms of hands-on learning. Specifically, I really enjoyed the computer science faculty meet, the quantum lecture, and the Internet of Things workshop, and I really look forward to pursuing these subjects in the future! I also wanted to express how much I loved the community at this camp. The RA's and PA's were amazing, and it was also really nice to connect with other girls who had similar interests." Avni

"I loved bonding with the other girls and I know that we are going to stay friends for a long time. Everyone was so engaged in the activities and we all were encouraging others to learn, and I felt extremely welcomed in the engineering field." 

"I enjoyed all aspects of this camp! The schedule was packed with activities that could cater to the interests of every student. I loved the demonstrations and getting to speak with professors. It gave me a good idea of what it would be like to attend VT for college." 

"I loved being able to meet the professors of VT, along with fellow girls passionate in engineering/STEM. Learning a little bit about a lot of engineering disciplines allowed me to confidently leave C-Tech knowing what major I would pursue." 


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