Comments from C-Tech² Participants

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done over these last two weeks. This camp was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful to have gotten the opportunity. I appreciate the time and effort put into making it happen and continuing its legacy. C-Tech^2 will hold a place in my heart for a long time. Thank you for an experience like no other.

- Danielle  

C-Tech^2 campers picking up Hokie stone at VT Quarry

I wanted to thank you for an amazing C-Tech^2. I was very fortunate to be able to participate in such a great camp. I loved every minute of my time at Virginia Tech and was very sad to leave. This camp helped me gain confidence in engineering. I am now certain I want to become an engineer. Thank you again! Stacy 

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the most amazing camp I have ever been to! I had the best time and I know I will be telling my grandchildren about it! I made many new friends and learned a lot of cool things. I surprised myself by knowing a small portion of the subjects being taught. Then, I was amazed by how those subjects were applied in real life problems. This camp gave me the sense of direction and unclouded my wished for the future. I love the engineering program that is taught here and adore the campus! My application to Virginia Tech will be sent promptly! I love it here so much!!! Lastly, I wanted to thank you for being such a great role model and also allowing me to meet other great role models and strong personalities as well. I hope this camp continues to flourish and change/help the lives of girls just like how it affected me. I love it so much! Thank you! Petya 

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the experiences that I had at C-Tech^2 these past two weeks. These two weeks were honestly so life changing for me in so many ways and choosing to come to this camp was one of the best choices that I've made. I was initially extremely hesitant to apply, since I've never been away from home for more than a couple days and I didn't know anyone else who was coming. But even after just the first day, I knew that I had made the right choice. The friends I've made at C-Tech are some of the best people that I've ever met, and I truly believe that we will be friends for life. Everything about camp was so well run, and I had so much fun while learning about Virginia Tech and engineering. The RA activities and meetings every night really helped me to get to know the people that were in my group, and we ended up getting so close. During the day, getting to see labs and learn from professors was so helpful for me while I'm trying to decide which college is the right fit for me, and I know that if I choose to come to Virginia Tech, there's a great support system there for me. Jamie 

I just wanted to thank you for running such an amazing program. I can honestly say that C-Tech^2 was the best two weeks of my summer. It truly inspired me to follow my dream of being an engineer. And on top of that it gave me the confidence to excel at it. I promise that I am not the only girls to think this. Thank you so much. Claire 


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