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Wind Turbine Team

The Wind Turbine Team provides real-world renewable energy expertise through a national DOE-sponsored competition to create a prototype wind turbine and full-scale wind farm.

The wind turbine team works on their turbine testing it in a wind tunnel.

What is Wind Turbine Team at Virginia Tech?

The Wind Turbine Team at Virginia Tech works to design and build a functioning, small-scale wind turbine and develop a full-scale mock Wind Farm. The goal of this organization is to provide its members with the opportunity to acquire skills in wind energy and compete in the Department of Energy sponsored Collegiate Wind Competition. This competition requires the team to design and build a prototype wind turbine, advance the reputation for wind energy within our community, and create an economically feasible wind farm. Our team facilitates hands-on experience and leadership skills.

Group photo of the wind turbine team.
Two students work on the wind turbine.
Close up of the blades on the wind turbine.
Two students use a drill press.

Who can join? 

Our organization is open to all majors with an emphasis placed on connecting with students who have an interest in Engineering, Business, and Sustainability majors.


First Place in the Connection Creation Contest 2021 and 2022

Fast Facts

Team size: About 25 members
Department Afiliation: Aerospace Engineering
Workshop: Advanced Engineering Design Lab

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