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Hokie Electric Vehicle Team

HEVT participates in the EcoCAR EV Challenge which is a four-year collegiate automotive engineering competition, providing an unparalleled, hands-on educational experience that transforms the traditional classroom environment into a hub of automotive innovation.

HEVT car on a lift.

What is HEVT?

The EcoCAR EV Challenge is a competition focused on engineering design, where participants collaborate on a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) project that integrates energy-efficient electric propulsion and Vehicle-To-Everything connectivity. This is in line with the future's reduced emissions requirements. GM will provide teams with a 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ to develop a propulsion and perception system.

The competition offers real-world technical challenges, hands-on learning, leadership and initiative opportunities, as well as direct access to industry experts. HEVT provides a distinctive opportunity for students to work on an advanced BEV that includes innovative propulsion systems and connected and automated vehicle technology. This is aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, vehicle safety, and consumer appeal in the expanding SUV market while simultaneously addressing equity in mobility concerns. HEVT intends to achieve these goals through novel design, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and an inclusive and supportive team environment that fosters success.

HEVT group photo by The Pylons.
HEVT team meeting in a classroom.
HEVT car at night.

Who can join? 

We welcome enthusiastic students from all fields to submit their applications. Typically, we begin recruiting for the following semester at the conclusion of the current one. If you are interested, kindly complete the form provided, and we will contact you once recruitment commences 

Recent Awards

EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Year 4 Awards:
1. 4th Place Overall
2. Best Connected & Automated Vehicle Systems – Runner Up
3. 3rd Place: MathWorks Model-Based Design AwardFast Facts

Team size: About 50 members
Department Afiliation: Mechanical Engineering
Workshop: Ware Lab