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VT CRO (Competitive Robotics Organization)

Competitive Robotics Organization at Virginia Tech creates robots to compete in competitions such as the IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware Competition.

The VT-CRO team posing for a photo sitting around a work table.

What is VT CRO at Virginia Tech?

Competitive Robotics Organization at Virginia Tech is a multidisciplinary organization focused on creating robots to compete. VT CRO contains multiple design teams within it, all creating unique robots for different competitions. Supporting all the design teams is one operations team which provides recruitment, funding, logistics, and marketing to the teams. VT CRO is housed in the ECE Department and is advised by Professor Toby Meadows.

A VT-CRO team member works on their vehicle.
Two VT-CRO teammates work on a laptop in their workspace.
VT-CRO logo over a photo of the team at work.
A VT-CRO  member presents an idea on a white board.

Who can join? 

All majors.

Fast Facts

Team size: About 38 members
Department Afiliation: Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Workshop: Durham 373