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Astrobotics at Virginia Tech

We are a design team that participates in the NASA Lunabotics Competition.

Close up of the Astrobotics team's vehicle.

What is Astrobotics?

Our team designs, constructs, and programs an autonomous robot to compete in the NASA Lunabotics Competition. The robot is required to navigate a simulated lunar environment containing craters and boulders to collect regolith. The robot will then construct a regolith-based berm. The berm will protect man made structures on the moon from landing and launches as well as protect cryogenic tank farms and shield nuclear power plants from radiation. Student teams in the competition are scored on their robot’s competition performance, and technical papers on project management, outreach, and systems engineering.

Students working in the Ware Lab on their project.
Students working on the BOLT motorcycle team.
Group photo of the Astrobotics team.
Astrobotics team testing their vehicle.

Who can join? 

Any student at Virginia Tech

Fast Facts

Team size: Around 20 people
Department Afiliation: Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Workshop: Ware Lab