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Instructional Technology Teaching Tools

Preparing for online courses in the fall

Lecture Capture Options

  • Kaltura - in classroom and personal lecture capture tools, replacement for Echo360. The tutorial can be found here
  • CaptureSpace - Kaltura's tool for screen recording, lecture recording, and video editing. Can be found inside Canvas
  • Camtasia - screen recording, video editing - $165 from Software Sales
  • PowerPoint - audio over PowerPoint slides and make interactive lessons

Free Interactive Tools for VT Faculty and Students

  • iClickers - classroom response system that can be integrated with Canvas

Online Learning Tools

  • Zoom - Modern video communication tool that can be used to host live conferencing, classs sessions, webinars, and much more. The tutorial can be found here

Survey Tool

  • Qualtrics - a sophisticated web-based research and survey tool. The tutorial can be found here

Learning Management Tools

  • Canvas - learning management system at VT. Instructor tutorial for Canvas can be found here