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2-Factor Authentication Information

  • All students and faculty are required to use 2-Factor authentication
  • You should register a minimum of two devices (available to you on campus) in case you lose or break your primary device
  • Additionally you should print a set of codes to keep in their wallet.  Codes are single-use only so several codes should be available.

College of Engineering Recommended 2-Factor Devices

  • Smartphone (Android or iOS) or Cell phone with SMS (texting) capability
  • YubiKey 4 
  • YubiKey 4 Nano, Neo, or Neo-N
  • Duo D-100 fob  
  • Other HOTP tokens (configuration instructions and support not available at this time)

Don't to forget to follow our self-enrollment instructions for your YubiKey if you purchased somewhere other than the University Bookstore

Not recommended

  • U2F only tokens - these tokens will not work with the Respondus browser used for some homework, quizzes and tests in Engineering and other classes

Need Help?

Contact 4help if you need help or visit SWAT in 2080 Torgersen Hall.