Virginia Tech and the College of Engineering are vendor neutral.  You should thoroughly research your purchase to ensure the computer you are buying best meets your individual needs in addition to the college requirements.  Specifications, including screen size, weight, quality, reliability, reputation, ease of service, and type and length of warranty,  should all be reviewed in detail before making a purchasing decision. 

Computer Brands Sold and Serviced (Business Models only) by the VT Bookstore

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Fujitsu
  • Lenovo

Direct Hardware Vendor Discounts and Coupons

These links are direct vendor links and should not be considered an endorsement by Virginia Tech. The vendors may not have all models available through these links.  You may not be able to configure systems directly through the vendor to meet our undergraduate requirements.

  • Apple - Search under Higher Education by zipcode for 24061 and select "Va Polytechnic Inst State University"
  • Dell - Discounts for VT students, staff, faculty, and alumni on consumer systems
  • Fujitsu - 5% off if you ask for education discount
  • Lenovo - Search under Virginia for "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University"
  • Microsoft - 10% off for education

Direct Software Vendor Discounts and Coupons

Google Drive is reliable cloud storage, but a backup solution that protects your files from malicious encryption and ransom-ware is a powerful recovery option that should be evaluated.

  • Carbonite - Online backup software
  • CrashPlan+ - Online backup software

Vendors offering hardware that meets our current requirements and interested in passing on savings to Virginia Tech students, staff, faculty, and alumni should contact the Director of Information Technology.