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Comments from C-Tech² Participants

"While I enjoyed each activity I participated in while attending C-Tech^2, my favorite parts were the faculty lunches and the design competition. The faculty lunches were extremely beneficial. The small groups and round table discussion allowed me to gain actual insight into real-world applications of engineering in terms of research projects and potential careers. I loved the design competition as well because I was able to experience how the engineers behind a product make it ready for consumers. In addition, during the project, I got to really know my teammates (who I’m still friends with today!)." Lily 

C-Tech^2 campers picking up Hokie stone at VT Quarry

"C-Tech^2 made me realize how many other women there are will similar passions to me, and it made me excited for college, where I will be able to meet even more of these women. The program also reassured me that I have what it takes to be an engineer, and that no one has the power to stop me except myself." Sarah

"I definitely think that more women should get the chance to explore STEM in a low-pressure environment among people with similar interests to them who make them feel like they belong. This experience was just that for me, and it totally changed the way I see the STEM field and my place in it." Akanksha

"This program is what helped me to decide that I wanted to be an engineering major because before, I had no idea where I wanted to go in an academic career. It's difficult to get experience within a STEM field as an undergraduate, especially for women, and having more programs like these can show people that there is so much to explore within STEM fields and that you can pursue any of your passions within it." Rhea

"C-Tech^2 changed my view of engineering by helping me become aware of how many other women also have interests in math and science. STEM fields are typically male-dominated and C-Tech^2 allowed me to connect with several other women who are successful and passionate about their engineering careers." Lauren


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