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Where do I stay?

You will be provided room and board in a residence hall on the Blacksburg campus of Virginia Tech.  

What does it cost?

Program cost is $2,250 for two weeks. All expenses, except transportation to and from Virginia Tech and personal items, are covered. Typical personal expenses include laundry, shopping, and entertainment such as movies. Full and partial scholarships are available based on financial need. Information from the parent form is used to determine eligibility. Potential applicants should not allow program costs to affect their decision to apply. 

Please note: Accepted offers that are cancelled 30 days prior to the start of camp receive a 50% refund. Offers cancelled 14 days or less prior to the start of camp receive no refund. 


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What will I do in C-Tech^2?

C-Tech2 is designed to help you explore all the engineering options at Virginia Tech. You will be assigned to a small group of other young women during the day and participate in hands-on activities presented by faculty and graduate students from a wide-variety of engineering departments, and attend informational sessions on topics such as college admissions and scholarships, and the engineering majors offered at Virginia Tech. Attendees will also complete a design project culminating in a showcase on the final afternoon.

In the evenings and during the weekend, your Residential Advisors (female Virginia Tech students) will plan social activities so you can get to know the other campers, the campus, and the surrounding area. You can download the 2023 schedule below.

How does the new UPWARDS camp differ?

While many aspects of the two programs are the same (as listed in the bullet points on the main web page), in the UPWARDS program, you will complete a Computer-aided design (CAD) tutorial and pattern layout exercise, learn to work safely and effectively in a cleanroom, gain hands-on experience with semiconductor materials, processes, and equipment, and fabricate and test simple microelectronic devices.

ctech2schedule2023.pdf 2023 schedule

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Phone: (540) 231-7337
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Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

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