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Computer Science Only: Apple MacBook Laptop

Computer Science MacBook

Required Specifications
(and Microsoft Windows Virtualization)
Processor: M2/M3
Memory: 24 GB Unified Memory (RAM)
Storage (SSD) 500 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or higher
Warranty: 4 Year w/accident protection
Graphics Card: At least 10-core GPU
Video Conferencing Tools: Video Camera; Headset or Microphone/Speakers
Backup: 500 GB or higher Cloud backup service OR external SSD drive.
Windows Virtualization Software: Parallels 19 Pro - Student Edition Suggested (Separate Purchase)

Potential Concerns - General Engineering

Students admitted to the College of Engineering spend their first year in General Engineering. You will be required to use Microsoft Windows and software that only runs on Windows. While Computer Science students can succeed with a MacBook, the first year may be challenging.

Inability to participate in a specific course, complete assignments, or participate in a classroom where computer use is expected, without additional effort on the part of the faculty or the college, may result in academic penalty deemed appropriate by the course instructor.

Getting Accepted into Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) is one of the most popular majors in the college and acceptance is highly competitive. General Engineering Students need at least a 3.0 GPA to get into CS. If you do not get accepted, it is possible you will need to purchase a Windows computer if you cannot complete your work on a MacBook in another major you choose. 

Running Windows on a MacBook

Running Windows on a MacBook requires additional technical skills and virtualization software you must purchase separately. University support is limited. 

The best solution we have found for running Windows on a Mac is Parallels Virtualization Software. We recommend buying Parallels Desktop PRO for students. Parallels ‘Standard’ only offers the ability to use 8GB of RAM for Windows, which will not meet the requirement. Parallels Pro for students is currently $89.99/yr. (4/9/2024)

Do you still have questions?

If you need more immediate assistance, please email our Instructional Technology Office or call 540-231-9076.