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Optional Accessories

Students may find some of these optional accessories useful:

Device Usage
Stylus/Pen Input device for writing on your screen. Choose Wacom/N-Trig ACTIVE stylus and be sure it is compatible with your screen. Many screens may not be compatible with stylus.
DVD-RW You may benefit from a DVD-R drive for playing media or installing software from disc.
External Display Those with smaller screens on their devices may want an external display.
Full Size Keyboard and/or Mouse More comfortable for longer working sessions.
Printer It may be convenient to have your own printer.
2 Factor Hardware Token As a backup or replacement of cel phone app.
USB Flash Memory For moving files between computers.
External USB Ethernet adapter For connecting to wired network.
Docking station or port replicator A hub makes it easier to reconnect multiple external devices.
Headphones With or without Microphone and Noise-cancelling.
Scanner To digitize homework and documents.
Scientific Calculator Programmable or graphic calculator. If a calculator is required for a class, the specifications and acceptable models are set by the professor. Please consult your department. IT unfortunately cannot give guidance on which model to purchase.