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Optional Accessories

Many students will find some of these optional accessories useful. It may be beneficial to wait until arriving on campus and attending classes before making purchasing decisions. Certainly not all of these devices are needed or desired by every student.

DVD-RW - You may need a DVD-R drive to install software not included with your software bundles. Most software is downloadable.

External display - Those with smaller screens on their devices may want an external display. This can sometimes also serve as a television.

External USB hard drive - You may need external storage for storing movies, music, and games if your only device is a mobile device with a 256 GB SSD. We do have unlimited storage space on Google Drive, but sometimes accessing large files from the cloud isn't ideal.

Full size keyboard - Allows for more accurate and ergonomic typing.

Mouse - An active digital pen is a great replacement for a mouse.

Printer -Most students prefer to have their own printer. There are printers available on campus, but availability, payment and access vary. If you don't have a printer, you will need to prepare assignments early enough to allow for printing. Each location with a shared printer has different availability schedules and methods of payment. Preplanning is essential.

2 Factor Hardware Token - 2 Factor Authentication HOTP fob or USB key to provide multifactor authentication. Printed codes can also be used.  

USB Flash Memory- Memory sticks are a great way to move files between computers and for presentations in class.

External USB Ethernet adapter - This will allow you to connect mobile devices to the wired network.

Ethernet Switch - Although wireless is available in the dorms and across campus, you may prefer to use a wired connection for activites like movie streaming, downloading, and gaming. A switch will allow you to connect multiple devices to the single ethernet port available in your dorm room.

Docking station or port replicator - This will make it easier to reconnect to external displays, keyboards, mice, ethernet, etc.

Headphones - Noise canceling headphones, although expensive, can help provide a quiter study environment for you. Headphones help you be more respectful of others around you when listening to content on your mobile device.

Surge Protector - There are limited outlets in dorm rooms and surge protectors help make placement of outlets more convenient as well as protecting sensitive digital devices from surges.

USB Charging station - If you own a lot of devices that need to be charged over USB, a charging station will help reduce clutter and minimize the number of outlets needed for charging.

Scanner - For digitizing homework and documents, although most students get by with the camera on their smartphone.