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Bringing an Apple/Mac Laptop

  • Intel Processor - If you intend to use a MacBook, choose carefully. Your MacBook must have an Intel Processor. Apple's newest processors, the ARM based M1, will not run all of your required software. 
  • MacBook Requirements - Apple MacBooks must meet all of the same requirements as a Windows PC.  
  • Apple Software - Bring all your original software to school as it will be needed to install Windows. Please see the Apple Bootcamp Instructions for more information.
  • Software Installation - Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac Office 2019 are available to download from Network Software after the Undergraduate Bundle is purchased.
  • Student Software Support SWAT will provide help with Apple Bootcamp and Windows installation and issues. 
  • Damage Protection - AppleCare+ can be purchased to extend the warranty of your Apple products and add accidental damage coverage. These can also be purchased separately from vendors such as Safeware (available through the University Bookstore) and Squaretrade.
  • Purchasing Your Macbook - Discounted pricing is available from the University Bookstore.