Companion device requirements - You may use an Apple/Mac laptop, but you will also need a companion device for inking in class.

  • Macbook Requirements - Apple Macbook must meet all of the same requirements as a Windows pc.  
  • Apple Software - Bring all your original software to school as it will be needed to install Windows. Please see the Apple Bootcamp Instructions for more information.
  • Software Installation - Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac Office 2016 are available to download from Network Software after the Undergraduate Bundle is purchased.
  • Student Software Support SWAT will provide help with Apple Bootcamp and Windows installation and issues. 
  • Damage Protection - Apple laptops do not normally have a damage protection warranty. These can be purchased separately from vendors such as Safeware   (available through the University Bookstore) and Squaretrade.
  • Purchasing Your Macbook - Discounted pricing is available from the University Bookstore or the Apple Education Store (Search under Higher Education by zipcode for 24061 and select "Va Polytechnic Inst State University").