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Software Bundle Information

For Summer/Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Entering Students

Purchase is required

Important Software Information

All entering freshmen and transfer engineering students are required to purchase both the University Undergraduate Bundle (includes Office and Windows Upgrades) and the Engineering bundle. Details regarding both bundles will not be finalized until late June. The university undergraduate bundle is normally purchased during orientation. Do not purchase software elsewhere as this is a mandatory purchase. Purchasing copies of any of the software from another vendor cannot be substituted as part of the bundle.

The Engineering Software Bundle will be charged to your normal bill (same as tuition) once the license is signed.

University Undergraduate Bundle

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows 

Engineering Software Bundle

  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools: Microsoft developer tools
  • MATLAB: Mathematical analysis software
  • SOLIDWORKS: 3D CAD design software
  • SAS JMP Pro: Statistical analysis software
  • CATME: Teamwork software
  • PDF Annotator: Note taking and document revision software

List of All Software Available to Undergraduate Engineering Students

Software Bundle Download - will be available to students as soon as purchase is completed and licenses are signed.

Do you still have questions?

  1. Check out our Virtual Info/Q&A Session recording or just the slides.
  2. If you need more immediate assistance, please email our Instructional Technology Office or call 540-231-9076.