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Alexandra DiBernardi

Headshot of Alexandra DiBernardi
Once you stop living, you start dying.

Alexandra DiBernardi is from Chester, New York and is a sophomore in Civil Engineering with a GPA of 3.86. She says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is how rigor of Virginia Tech engineering has pushed her to learn more than she ever expected, and with the support of fellow students and faculty, she has never felt more encouraged, supported, and proud.  When she was in middle school, she always dreamt about being a teacher and educating others. Now that she is at Virginia Tech, she hopes to help our Earth by cleaning it, lessening pollution, or fighting climate change. Alexandra says that if she could change one thing, she would want our world to be in a state of harmony with people, animals, plants, and everything on the Earth. World peace sounds basic, but who wouldn't want that?

Alexandra is involved with the college of engineering by being a member of the Dean's Team. She participated in open house events and College of Engineering tours. She is also involved in philanthropic events through Greek life. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys dancing, exercising, playing piano, reading, and listening to music.

Alexandra says her role models are her parents because they have worked their entire lives to pursue their careers and gave her a life where she has the freedom to pursue hers. Alexandra has two older brothers and three dogs named Jack, Jill, and Roxy. She also mentioned that her favorite cartoon character is  Mulan because she is a strong and brave woman, and she is a character that has always been a role model for her. Alexandra also shared that her favorite genre of music is Soft Pop, and her favorite films are between Mulan and Frozen.