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Peter Guevara

Peter Guevara
"Even lessons learned the hard way, are lessons learned." - Sensei Wu

Peter Guevara is from Fairfax, Virginia and is a junior in mechanical engineering with a 3.4 GPA. He says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineering student is being able to work with fellow engineers who share the same passions for learning that he does. Now that he is at Virginia Tech, he dreams of becoming a successful engineer with a stable job and happy family. However, he says in the distant future he would like to eventually apply his skills to become a children’s toy maker. Peter mentions that if he could change only one thing, he would have invested in Dogecoin a long time ago.

When Peter was in middle school he wanted to be an architect, however, it wasn’t until he got to high school that he decided the architect’s cousin, engineering, was the best choice for him. Peter says he was introduced to CEED by Dr. Kim Lester before he was even accepted to Virginia Tech. Since then, he was a member of the Galipatia community for two years. His second year he served as a committee member for the service learning community. Peter also occasionally helps out with a group run through his church in Blacksburg known as Common Ground. It’s an after school program that tutors underprivileged children in the NRV community. He also mentioned that he loves to play piano in his free time. He’s played for 14 years and never plans to quit. He also plays the violin, bass guitar, and basically anything you can imagine.

Peter’s role model happens to be spider-man because he is a young engineer with a good heart making his way through each day - a battle at a time. Peter also excitedly mentioned that he has one brother who is an incoming Hokie and Cadet! In addition to that fun fact, he says his favorite genre of music is jazz and his favorite film is Back to the Future. He also says his favorite cartoon character is Squidward because being in college has helped him understand his frustration with annoying neighbors.