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Bruno Zegada

Headshot of Bruno Zegada
"I'm never gonna be my hero. I'm not gonna attain that. I know I'm not, and that's just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing."

Bruno Zegada is a driven and accomplished student pursuing a B.S. degree in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. He is currently in his second year of the program, maintaining an impressive GPA of 3.97. Originally from Bristow, Va, Bruno takes pride in being a Virginia Tech Engineer, cherishing the opportunity to connect with a diverse and knowledgeable community of engineers from whom he can learn and grow.

Outside of his academic pursuits, Bruno enjoys a variety of hobbies, including going on walks and playing pickleball. One of his favorite childhood memories involves watching Tom from Tom and Jerry cartoons with his father, making Tom his cherished cartoon character. When it comes to music, Bruno finds solace in indie music, and his favorite film is Interstellar.

One of Bruno's role models is his mother, who has inspired him with her resilience and ability to overcome various challenges in life. In middle school, he dreamt of becoming a civil engineer, but now that he is at Virginia Tech, his aspiration is to engage in research at the university.

Bruno is actively involved with the College of Engineering through his membership in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, where he finds a supportive community and opportunities for personal and professional development. Additionally, he volunteers his time through Galipatia, contributing to the creation of mattress covers made from recycled plastic bags, which aligns with his dedication to sustainability and giving back to the community.

Reflecting on his journey, Bruno embraces the value of learning from his mistakes and believes that each experience has taught him valuable lessons he wouldn't want to miss. With his determination and passion for his field, Bruno looks forward to a bright and fulfilling future as he continues to excel at Virginia Tech and beyond.