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Rodney Okyere

Headshot of Rodney Okyere
"There's no advantage to hurrying through life." - Shikamaru Nara

Rodney Okyere is a Junior in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction. He has a 3.68 GPA and is from Woodbridge, Virginia. Rodney believes that the best things about being a VT Engineer are the resources and people available to help students succeed. Specifically, he is thankful for the support systems found in NSBE and the CEED programs that have helped him find a family away from home. Computer games and the technology that revolves around them is what ultimately brought the interest of engineering into his life – in middle school, Rodney would spend hours building aspects of games that offered newer technology, like that of dynamic lighting, building things to see what it has to offer. He knew that he wanted to work with Roblox in a software role, whether it be through developing tools or creating games. Now, his focus is towards developing something that will benefit the Black community, along with going abroad in the future.

While in college, Rodney has enjoyed his work with PCI. He finds great comfort knowing that he positively impacts and encourages students to attend college and pursue technical degrees. Growing up, he did not see many black people in engineering; however, through PCI he can spread the NSBE name and mission and help expose more students to engineering. Through his work with PCI, Rodney has become the representation to other students that his own childhood lacked.

Rodney has never looked up to specific individuals growing up, but he does take bits and pieces of many people in his life as encouragement. He specifically admires the perseverance and determination that comes from those in his life that have overcome struggles to reach where they are in life.

Outside of class, Rodney finds enjoyment in all types of music, paying closer attention to hip-hop and rap. With his love of music, and making playlists, it is rare to find him without headphones or listening. He’s even learning how to DJ and is avid vinyl collector.