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Jonathan Castellanos

Headshot of Jonathan Castellanos
"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

Jonathan Castellanos is a Senior in Computer Science, with a 3.58 GPA, from Rutherford, New Jersey. He believes that the best thing about being a VT Engineer are the number of opportunities he has been presented with to network and gain experience. From the career fairs to the club and informational sessions, he has learned new skills and made important connections to new employers. In middle school, Jonathan aspired to be an eye doctor, which stemmed from an inspirational experience he had with a doctor of his own. The doctor made him feel safe, and that feeling of safety is something he wanted to make others feel when he grew up. Now in college, Jonathan dreams of being able to create technology that can help people throughout the world, to make a difference. He has taken his desire from childhood and has learned how important technology can be, so he is looking forward to being involved with future innovations.

The CEED community has been a part of Jonathan’s life throughout his entire college experience. Beginning as a freshman in the Galileo community, Jonathan has grown into a committee liaison himself, leading groups of sophomores to create events that support the freshman in their transition into the Engineering major. Specifically, he oversees the Academic Committee, where students host test reviews and tutoring hours that help first year students gain confidence and preparation during their academics.

A role model that Jonathan has is Serena Williams, finding inspiration in much she has done to get where she is and how she uses her fame. He looks up to her work ethic and passion, along with how she uses her name to do good and influence the younger generations to follow their dreams.

Outside of class, he enjoys listening to Indie Rock, along with playing sports like tennis and volleyball. He also enjoys exploring, even if its just to walk around and see something new.