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Tara Tafro

Headshot of Tara Tafro
"Everything happens for a reason." - Unknown

Tara Tafro is a Sophomore in Chemical Engineering, with a 3.77 GPA, from Parsippany, New Jersey. She believes that the best thing about being a VT Engineer is the vast amount of opportunity that is available for students, from tutoring to career advice and even fun activities to do amongst the community. When Tara was younger, she dreamed of traveling the world and possibly working for the Peace Corps. Now, as a college student, her goals to help others have only solidified, wanting to travel out and impact peoples lives in her line of work.

Throughout her life in college, the CEED community has welcomed Tara with open arms. Last year, she got involved as a member of Hypatia, SPARK, and SHPE. She is currently the Outreach Chair of SHPE and oversees planning their volunteering and fundraising events. She has volunteered in Family READS, YMCE cleanups, SPARK elementary school outreach, the Big Plant, and SHPE virtual 5k.

One of Tara’s role models is her father. She admires his hardworking demeanor and finds support in how knowledgeable he is. Outside of class, she enjoys listening to country music and hanging out with friends, along with volunteering and cooking.