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Santiago Solis

Headshot of Santiago Solis
"Keep moving forward." - Walt Disney

Santiago Solis is a Sophomore in Computer Engineering, with a 3.44 GPA, from Burke, Virginia. He believes that the best thing about being a VT Engineer is being able to see how different engineering fields connect on certain projects to fulfill their specific requirements. He also finds enjoyment in the many career fairs that are available to students, and the friends he has made throughout his time as an engineering student. His mundane interests in computer-related activities and videogames have grown into his current career path, shaping his goals for developing biomedical devices and equipment in the future.

Santiago has created a club this semester through the College of Engineering called out in STEM, or oSTEM for short. Through the creation of this club, LGBTQIA+ students within STEM are provided a safe space to be and resources to reach out to when they need it. He is also part of the SHPE Outreach Committee where him and his committee members plan community service projects nationally and globally.

A role model that Santiago has is his best friend that he has known since kindergarten, finding strength in the support that his friend has given both Santiago and their other members of their friend group. Outside of class, he enjoys listening to indie pop and alternative music, along with pursuing photography and cooking.