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Transfers from a Virginia Community College

Browse resources and tips for transferring into the College of Engineering.

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Tips for Students Seeking a Transfer

Students transferring from the Virginia Community College System are encouraged to utilize the Guaranteed Admission Agreement that guarantees admission to the College of Engineering upon the completion of a transferable engineering associates degree with an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.  For information on which VCCS sites offer engineering associates, see the VCCS programs listing (note:  Associates of Applied Science, or Associates in Computer Science are NOT applicable under the articulation agreement).

If you are unable to attend a site offering a transferable engineering associates degree, please refer to the Transfer Guide’s Course Recommendations by Virginia Tech Major section when selecting courses at your VCCS site.

If you will also bring in transfer credit from other non-VCCS sites, to see how those classes might transfer from a university within the United States, you may view our on-line Transfer Equivalency Database.