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Transfers from a Virginia Community College

Students planning to transfer from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) should review the information below.

Step 1: Explore Engineering Majors

Virginia Tech offers over 30 engineering majors that are categorized under 14 degree programs. The Explore Engineering website will provide you with extensive information about each degree program and the majors they offer. Choosing a major is important as your application for admission to Virginia Tech will be to a specific engineering discipline.

Step 2: Review the Admissions Requirements (Roadmaps)

The roadmaps will outline the minimum admissions requirements for the engineering major you intend to pursue. The admissions requirements will vary depending on the major you select. Prospective students must complete all required coursework listed in the roadmap to be considered for admission.

Step 3: Review the Transfer Guides

The transfer pathways will outline how to select electives that will most closely match your intended engineering major. The transfer pathways are designed based on the completion of an Associate of Science in Engineering or an Associate of Science in Computer Science (for the Computer Science major only).

Step 4: Submit an Application

Apply with the Commone App. The spring admissions deadline is October 1, the summer and fall admissions deadline is March 1.

Step 5: Submit the FAFSA and General Scholarship Application

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine financial aid eligibility. Review the priority deadlines listed on the website, they may be earlier than the application deadline.

Step 6: Submit Self-Reported Academic Record

The self-reported academic record (SRAR) allows you to input the courses you have completed and grades earned for the admissions review. You will not need to send transcripts at this stage, that will be required later if you are offered admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement?
    • The College of Engineering has an agreement with the Virginia Community College System that guarantees admission to students who complete the criteria outlined in the agreement.
    •  This agreement guarantees admission to the College of Engineering upon the completion of an applicable engineering associate degree or an associate of science in computer science, with an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.  For information on which VCCS sites offer engineering associates, see the VCCS programs listing.
    • Completion of all requirements outlined in the agreement will also fulfill all requirements on the roadmaps.
  2. Can I be admitted without an associate degree?
    • Yes, it is possible to be admitted without a completed associate degree. However, you will still need to complete all required courses outlined on the roadmap for your intended application major. Admission is not guaranteed even if all required courses are completed.   
  3. How many semesters should I complete at the community college before I apply?
    • It is recommended that VCCS applicants earn one of the following associate degrees prior to you applying (or be enrolled in their last term of enrollment to complete the degree):
      • Associate of Science in Computer Science - for students intending to apply to Computer Science
      • Associate of Science in Engineering - for all other engineering majors
    • Students who do not complete an associate degree should expect to complete as many semesters as necessary to complete all of the required courses for admission to their intended major, which are outlined on the roadmaps.
  4. How quickly can I graduate once I have transferred?
    • Most transfer students will need to complete 3 years at Virginia Tech to fulfill all degree requirements. This is due to sequencing of courses that are only offered at VT and term offering limitations.
  5. What scholarships are available to transfer students?
  6. Can I meet with someone at Virginia Tech?
    • You are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Hokie Corner to discuss admissions requirements.
    • You can also email Ryan Wagoner, Director of Transfer Services. However, you will not be able to meet with a VT academic advisor.