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Transferring into the College of Engineering

Applying to Virginia Tech from another college or university is an easy and simple process. 

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Minimum Requirements for Admission as a Transfer Student to Virginia Tech's College of Engineering

  • 1 full year of calculus (equivalent to VT's MATH 1225-1226)
  • 1 semester of chemistry (CHEM 1035/1045) or 1 year of calculus-based Physics (PHYS 2305-2306)
  • 1 full year of English composition (equivalent to VT's ENGL 1105-1106)
  • overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

Additional Course Recommendations

  • Linear Algebra (MATH 1114 or 2114, depending on specific desired engineering major. See checksheet link below to determine the required course for your desired major)
  • Differential Equations (MATH 2214)
  • Multivariable Calculus (MATH 2224 or 2204)
  • 1 year of calculus-based Physics (PHYS 2305-2306) or 1 semester of chemistry (CHEM 1035/1045)—whichever is not completed in requirement above
  • Engineering fundamentals courses (ENGE 1215-1216)

Transfer students are admitted to General Engineering (GE) by the admissions office.  The process of changing majors from GE to a specific engineering major typically takes one semester.