Virginia Tech Related

Global Education Grants for New Program Development

  • up to $2,500 for new program development
  • Can be used to develop and support academic programs that will contribute significantly to the University’s international mission
  • Facilitate and enhance interdisciplinary programs that have potential for obtaining external funding for further program development
  • Full time faculty members (shared authorship is possible)

Curriculum Globalization Grants

  • “For the development of innovative new courses or creative revisions of existing ones, to expand significantly our undergraduate students’ awareness of and engagement with international and global topics, issues, contexts, and concerns”
  • “These grants are specifically to support teaching faculty in the development of undergraduate courses to be offered on Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus”
  • For the modification of an existing course: $3,500
  • For the creation of a new course: $5,000

Federal Government Grants

Overseas programs