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2021 Excellence in Outreach

Dean's Award for Excellence

Paul K. Ampadu

Professor, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Paul K. Ampadu
  • Outreach is a natural extension of Paul Ampadu’s being.  It’s his passion and how he measures his success. His international and diverse background (born and raised in Ghana, later educated in China and Taiwan, before attending the renowned HBCU Tuskegee University, followed by graduate studies at the University of Washington and Cornell University) has most influenced my focus on outreach. Reaching out to uplift others allows him to serve, give back, connect with, and engage the world around him; it's what energizes him and brings joy to his soul.

  • Paul Ampadu seeks ways to uplift others, particularly those who have been marginalized or underrepresented.  He is committed to reaching out to the community at large and participating vigorously in established programs that have demonstrated measurable success. He believes that if we care enough for the welfare of others and choose to see society's inequities and disparities, we can only ask "how can I help?" and integrate "outreach" into our daily activities and responsibilities; it has to be a conscious action.

  • In recognition of his many efforts and accomplishments, Paul Ampadu has received the US Black Engineer of the Year Special Recognition Award. He has been named a MIT Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar. He has been honored with an NSF CAREER Award and the Charles Drew Professor’s Choice Award. 

  • Paul Ampadu serves on the IEEE Circuits & Systems Board of Governors.  He is the chair of the ECE Honorics Committee and the immediate past chair of the ECE Diversity Committee.  He is also the associate director of the Advanced Research Institute and the area co-lead of the chip-scale integration major in ECE.