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Excellence in Research

Dean's Award for Excellence - Previous Recipients

Examples of activities that may be recognized for Excellence in Research:  high-impact publications; invited articles of particular merit; significant invited lectures; exceptional record of graduation of PhD students and their career success; significant awards by professional societies or other such entities; significant successes in sponsored research; extraordinary impact of research on industry or government. Recipients recieve a $1000 award.

Raffaella De Vita, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Ayman Mohsen Karim, Department of Chemical Engineering
Adrian Sandu, Department of Computer Science
Daphne Yao, Department of Computer Science
Guoqiang Yu, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joseph L. Gabbard, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lingjia Liu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chang-Tien Lu, Computer Science
Ranga Pitchumani, Mechanical Engineering
Nino Ripepi, Mining and Minerals Engineering

Rolando Burgos, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Harpreet S. Dhillon, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kirk Cameron, Computer Science
Binoy Ravindran, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scott S. Verbridge, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Zhen (Jason) He, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Zhenyu (James) Kong Industrial and Systems Engineering  
Alexey Onufriev, Computer Science  
Walid Saad, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Chris Williams, Mechanical Engineering  
Gerardo Flintsch, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Tomo Furukawa, Mechanical Engineering  
Todd Lowe, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Madhav Marathe, Computer Science  
Lei Zuo, Mechanical Engineering  
Warren Hardy, Mechanical Engineering  
Jerry Park, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Shane Ross, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics  
Subhash Sarin, Industrial and Systems Engineering  
Peter Vikesland, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Craig Woolsey, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  

Rafael Davalos, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics  
Muhammad Hajj, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics  
Lin Ma, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
T.M. Murali, Computer Science  
Yi-Heng Percival Zhang, Biological Systems Engineering  
Wenjing Lou, Computer Science
Chang Lu, Chemical Engineering
Amy Pruden, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Pam VandeVord, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Chenming (Mike) Zhang, Biological Systems Engineering
T. Charles Clancy, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stefan Duma, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Linsey Marr, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher L. North, Computer Science
Padma Rajagopalan, Chemical Engineering
John G. Casali, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Y. Thomas Hou, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brian Y. Lattimer, Mechanical Engineering
Thurmon E. Lockhart, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Wing Ng, Mechanical Engineering
Doug A. Bowman, Computer Science  
Jesus M. de la Garza, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Srinath V. Ekkad, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Karmis, Mining and Minerals Engineering
Danesh K. Tafti, Mechanical Engineering
David A. Dillard, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
William Ducker, Chemical Engineering  
Dennis W. Hong, Mechanical Engineering  
Shashank Priya, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering  
Anbo Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rakesh K. Kapania, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Jih-Sheng Lai, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Naren Ramakrishnan, Computer Science  
Pavlos P. Vlachos, Mechanical Engineering  
Ge Wang, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences  
Maura Borrego, Engineering Education  
Andrea Dietrich, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Dan Inman, Mechanical Engineering  
Maury Nussbaum, Industrial and Systems Engineering  
Wayne Scales, Electrical and Computer Engineering  

Foster A. Agblevor, Biological Systems Engineering  
Naira Hovakimyan, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Donald J. Leo, Mechanical Engineering  
John T. Novak, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
S. Ted Oyama, Chemical Engineering  

Scott Case, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
William J. Devenport, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Hesham A. Rakha, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Layne T. Watson, Computer Science  
Stefan M. Dumas, Mechanical Engineering  
Kevin P. Granata, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
Joseph J. Wang, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Yue J. Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ricardo Burdisso, Mechanical Engineering  
F. Frank Chen, Industrial and Systems Engineering  
Yilu Liu, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Nancy G. Love, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Dwight D. Viehland, Materials Science and Engineering  

Dushan Boroyevich, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Ted Oyama, Chemical Engineering  
Joseph Schetz, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  

Marc Edwards, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Roe-Hoan Yoon, Mining and Minerals Engineering
Hanif Sherali, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Tom Dingus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Donald G. Baird, Chemical Engineering
David Dillard, Engineering Science and Mechanics
Imad Al-Qadi, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Daniel J. Inman, Mechanical Engineering  
Jeff Reed, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Rakesh K. Kapania, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Anbo Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Christopher R. Fuller, Mechanical Engineering  

Gene Cliff, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Diane Farkas, Materials Science and Engineering  
Liviu Librescu, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
Garth Wilkes, Chemical Engineering  
John Casali, Industrial and Systems Engineering  
Seshu Desu, Materials Science and Engineering  
Wayne Durham, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering  
Ali Nayfeh, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
Romesh Batra, Engineering Science and Mechanics  
Fred Lee, Electrical Engineering  
Saied Mostaghimi, Biological Systems Engineering  
Ted Oyama, Chemical Engineering  
George Filz, Civil Engineering  
Mike Furey, Mechanical Engineering  
Kent Murphy, Electrical Engineering  
Roger Simpson, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering