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Josue Enrique Munoz Gomez

Headshot of Josue Enrique Munoz Gomez
"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alex Carrell

Josue Enrique Munoz Gomez is from Woodbridge, Virginia, and is a Junior in Computer Science with a GPA of 3.7. He says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is the rigor and challenges of the classes. He expresses how not only does it force him to think, analyze, approach, and solve problems in unique ways, but it also helps foster a great community of Hokies helping one another out.  When he was in middle school, he wanted to become a lawyer or economist. His middle school had little emphasis on STEM, so it wasn't something he had given thought to. It wasn't until high school that he became serious about computer science after learning of the opportunities and doors it could open. Now that he is at Virginia Tech, he would like to be at the forefront of something greater than himself such as human advancement towards a safer and sustainable future, whether it be in defense, energy, or technology. Josue says that if he could change one thing, it would be changing the amount of suffering and unfairness in the world and believes that it is a shame that where one is born can greatly influence whether you can have a comfortable living or live in poverty.

Before Virginia Tech, during his membership of the 3D Printing and Robotics Club at Northern Virginia Community College, Josue volunteered by promoting STEM and 3D printing.  During his time at Virginia Tech he has been part of VT-NETS (Virginia Tech Network for Engineering Transfer Students). In his free time, Josue likes to play soccer, travel, weightlift, go paintballing, do 3D printing, and games.

Josue says his role models are his parents because they have taught him to be humble, work hard, and be caring. They have risked so much for him to be able to go to college and their sacrifices are what drive him to do better both for himself and the people around him. Josue  has three sisters and a Maltese named Perla. Josue also shared that he listens to many genres of music, but if he had to choose one it would be Classic Rock.