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Bethlehem Teshome

Bethlehem Teshome
“If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest.” -Proverbs 20:4

Bethlehem Teshome is from Alexandria, Virginia and graduated in May of 2021 with her B.S. of Computer Science with a GPA of 3.86. Bethlehem says the best thing about being a Virginia Tech engineer is how the school has taught her to take initiative, challenge herself, and thrive. Now that she is done with her time at Virginia Tech, she dreams about growing her career and contributing as much as possible to society. She has mentioned that if she could change one thing, she wouldn’t because she always tries to learn from past experiences and move forward.

When she was in middle school, she dreamed of becoming an engineer, and now her dream is a reality. During her time at school she was a part of CEED and the college of Engineering. Bethlehem is still an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and has participated in the BlackComputeHer conference in 2019. She also has participated in multiple fundraising programs of different clubs and organizations, and enjoys watching movies and trying out different cultural foods.

Being one of five children, Bethlehem mentioned how her father is her role model. From him, she learned commitment, perseverance, and ambition.